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Partnering with 8 Billion Trees

Our Environmental Commitment

Recognized as one of the ‘Top 50 Independent Auto Retailers in the USA,’ our dedication goes beyond accolades. We’re setting a precedent for how businesses can—and should—contribute more to our planet’s well-being.

Partnering with 8 Billion Trees

Our collaboration with 8 Billion Trees is at the heart of our commitment to environmental stewardship. For every vehicle we sell, we don’t just make a transaction; we make a promise to the earth. This partnership ensures that with each purchase, one tree is planted and two trees are saved in areas facing the threat of deforestation. Learn more about our partnership on the 8 Billion Trees business partners page.

14,570 Trees Saved and Counting…

Impact and Recognition

Our proactive approach has earned us a spot as a top contributor on the 8 Billion Trees website. Since 2019, we have planted over 7,285 trees and saved 14,570 trees, focusing our efforts on vital ecosystems such as the Amazon Rainforest. Our actions demonstrate our commitment to reducing carbon emissions and fostering vibrant ecosystems, supporting a diverse range of plant and animal life.

A Vision for the Future

Our resolve is clear: “We want to do our part in ensuring a livable future for future generations.” – Auto Express. Through sustainable practices and meaningful partnerships, we are not just selling cars; we are investing in a greener, more sustainable future for all.

Our Mission to Heal the Planet and Conserve Wildlife

August 4, 2022

Tree Planting to Rebuild Habitats with Carbon Offsets and Carbon Footprint Calculators

8 Billion Trees was founded with a simple idea: if people can destroy the Earth, they can also help to rebuild it.

At its core, 8 Billion Trees carries out large-scale tree planting and tree conservation operations to fuel positive environmental change and defend habitats for animals, while also caring for displaced and hurt animals by utilizing wildlife sanctuaries and veterinary clinics focused on devastated and deforested areas.

In addition to healing the planet and saving animals, trees serve as powerful carbon offsets. Furthermore, 8 Billion Trees also offers a free carbon footprint calculator that shows individuals, families, and companies their impact.

Founder Jon Chambers was inspired by activism groups but saw the opportunity to do something even bigger: plant and save 8 billion trees. Taking their passion and channeling it into a cause for the greater good, 8 Billion Trees was born on November 10th, 2018.

Our Vision and Commitment

At 8 Billion Trees, our goal is to become the most environmentally aware social enterprise on the planet. We don’t simply want to reduce the negative impacts of habitat destruction, deforestation, and irresponsible forestry—we want to use these issues as fuel to completely revitalize what it means to be environmentally friendly. By changing our environment and spreading awareness, we are hoping to make a global change.

We are completely committed to eco-friendly materials and sustainability when creating, packaging, handling, and shipping our products. This goes beyond just planting trees with each purchase. You should feel good about every single eco-friendly product you purchase from 8 Billion Trees—we take that very seriously.

We hope to serve as an example for other groups by proving that focusing on social and environmental responsibility is a sustainable business model.

Everything We Do as a Company Is Dedicated to Furthering Our Mission

That mission is restoring Earth and fighting against the evils of deforestation. We are always striving to find new ways to revitalize and restore the environment. Ultimately, we are here to leave the world a better place than we found it while inspiring others to do the same for an Earth of tomorrow that is greener and brighter for all.

Through focusing on planting and conserving trees around the world, we can fight deforestation causing habitat destruction that is displacing millions of animals, as well as man-made climate change impacting us now—and for all future generations to come.

Furthermore, by conserving existing trees and planting new trees, we can help to save endangered animals like the orangutans in Indonesia, the lemurs in Madagascar, and the sloths in Brazil.

How Exactly Does 8 Billion Trees Work?

For every 8 Billion Trees product sold, we conserve existing trees and plant new trees to replace ones that have been removed through deforestation. For every single member, we save existing trees and plant new trees on a monthly basis. In order to do this, we run our own planting operations that include nurseries, environment research centers, and planting sites.

We also partner with various groups throughout the world to expand our efforts. By sponsoring these organizations, we can reach a global population and make sure trees are being planted in the most effective way possible.

Why Not Just Plant Trees Myself?

You absolutely should! We encourage all members and non-members to contribute as much as they can to local causes. By getting involved at the local level, everyone can truly make a difference.

BUT, unfortunately, many organizations that plant trees don’t do a very good job of getting the word out. It’s not their fault—funding is low and they are often understaffed. They are handicapped in their ability to devote funds towards spreading awareness and large-scale public outreach. They simply don’t have the financial ability to make a world-changing impact.

That’s where 8 Billion Trees comes in. By focusing on raising funds, spreading awareness, and launching our own planting operations around the world, we allow our members to make an enormous impact that would not be possible otherwise.