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Welcome to Auto Express – Proudly Serving Lafayette and Logansport, IN Areas

Begin your journey to the perfect pre-owned vehicle at Auto Express, the leading used car dealership serving the Lafayette and Logansport communities. Explore our diverse array of top-quality pre-owned vehicles, each selected to meet the needs and aspirations of our discerning customers.

Logansport, Indiana, is a city enriched with a vibrant history and a strong community spirit, offering a blend of cultural heritage and contemporary living. Known for its scenic riverside views and active community life, Logansport provides an excellent backdrop for Auto Express’s commitment to quality and service.

Why Choose Auto Express Near Logansport?

Reflecting the community-focused spirit of Logansport, Auto Express offers:

  • A wide range of carefully selected pre-owned vehicles, from fuel-efficient sedans to family-friendly SUVs, perfect for both urban driving and country roads around Logansport.
  • Personalized financing solutions that cater to the diverse financial situations of our customers.
  • A dedicated service center staffed by experienced technicians, ensuring your vehicle receives the best possible care.
  • Exclusive vehicle specials and promotions, tailored to fit the lifestyle of our Logansport customers, adding exceptional value to your purchase.

Explore Our Pre-Owned Vehicle Selection

Our inventory is known for its wide range and dependability, aligning with the diverse lifestyles and needs of the Logansport community. Select your next vehicle with confidence at Auto Express.

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Conveniently located for residents of Logansport, IN, Auto Express is ready to provide outstanding service and a personalized car buying experience. Discover the vehicle that fits your lifestyle and become part of our extended family of satisfied customers.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why choose Auto Express for your next vehicle purchase in Logansport, IN?

Auto Express isn’t just about car sales; it’s about building lasting relationships with our customers. We offer a diverse range of vehicles, each ready to become a part of the vibrant Logansport lifestyle.

What types of vehicles can I find at Auto Express near Logansport?

Our dealership features an extensive selection of pre-owned vehicles, from stylish sedans to versatile SUVs, designed to fulfill the requirements of every individual customer.

Can I receive financing assistance at Auto Express near Logansport?

Yes. Our team of finance professionals are dedicated to providing customized finance options to make owning your next vehicle a hassle-free process.

Does Auto Express offer any specials or promotions for Logansport residents?

Certainly! We offer a variety of vehicle specials and promotional offers, carefully curated for our Logansport clientele, to enhance the value and enjoyment of your vehicle purchase.

Why is Auto Express the go-to for vehicle service near Logansport?

Our service center is known for its efficient and reliable service, located within convenient reach for Logansport residents, ensuring that your vehicle remains in peak condition for all your daily needs and adventures.

Driving Directions from Logansport, IN to Auto Express

Begin your journey to Auto Express from the lively city of Logansport, celebrated for its rich history and vibrant community.

Step 1: Depart from Logansport

Start your adventure in Logansport, IN, from key locations like the Cass County Courthouse or Riverside Park.

Step 2: Logansport to US-24 W

Drive west on US-24 W. You’ll exit Logansport and pass through tranquil rural landscapes, enjoying views of Indiana’s farmlands and natural beauty.

Step 3: Continue on US-24 W to US-421 S

Follow US-24 W until you reach Monticello, then take US-421 S towards Lafayette. This part of the drive showcases serene lake views and quaint small-town vibes.

Step 4: US-421 S to I-65 N

Once in Delphi, transition onto US-421 S, continuing towards Lafayette. Merge onto I-65 N, heading north towards your destination.

Step 5: I-65 N to Lafayette

Travel on I-65 N until you reach the Lafayette area. Enjoy the changing landscape as you approach the city, marked by expansive fields and industrial outskirts.

Step 6: Exit 175 to State Road 25

Take exit 175 for State Road 25 and head east towards Lafayette. You are now nearing your destination and the exciting array of vehicles at Auto Express.

Step 7: State Road 25 to Sagamore Parkway S

Follow State Road 25, which becomes Schuyler Avenue as you enter Lafayette. Continue on to Sagamore Parkway S.

Step 8: Sagamore Parkway S to Veterans Memorial Parkway S

Travel east on Sagamore Parkway S until you reach Veterans Memorial Parkway S. Turn right, and Auto Express will soon be visible on your right side.

Arrive at Auto Express

Arrive at your destination, 2306 Veterans Memorial Parkway S, Lafayette, IN 47909. Auto Express is ready to offer you outstanding service and a vast selection of quality pre-owned vehicles.